homegrown organic food

We grow and produce food and drinks,

following permaculture principles

and ethics

Available in our little shop seasonally!


Balkan Retreat Menu


For courses, retreats and events, we offer a flexible food service. This might include a buffet breakfast, meal salads for lunch and freshly prepared seasonal dinners. Or you might want to cook yourself! Depending on the arrangement it will be anything between €0 and €25 per person per day.  We cater for all diets, on request.


Friday Fish:

Steamed Carp with oyster mushrooms and greens from the garden in a homemade chicken broth, served with noodles. (€11)

Saturday Clay Pot Casserole:

 Table 1 - Seitan and mushroom Casserole in a peanut sauce, served with salad and rice. Vegan. (€9)

Table 2 - Slowly cooked Mangalitsa meat specialty, served with mashed potato and salad. (€12.50)

Sunday Roast:

Free range chicken on a spit, with baked potatoes and "sopska" salad using local cheese and a honey-mustard-lemon dressing . (€10)

The meals will be served at around 20:00. 

Please reserve in advance.





Subject to availability

We grow a wide range of vegetables, 100% organic, following permaculture principles.

When you stay with us, you can buy this food in our shop or perhaps pluck it straight from the gardenYou can prepare it in your kitchen or use our outdoor barbecue area. That's as fresh as it gets!

€per kilo


fresh herbs &

dried teas

Help yourself in the garden!

Choose from a selection of fresh herbs in the garden to add to your meal, or help yourself to fresh herbal teas.



cherry liqueur

0.5 litre bottles

Homemade organic cherry liquor, handpicked cherries from our own orchard. This liqueur is not too sweet, not too strong and simply delicious.



From our outdoor reared Mangalitsa pigs

variety of cured meats

You can buy our own homemade smoked sausage, bacon and ham. Mangalitsa are known as the Kobe beef of the pig world and renowned for their healthy fat, high in omega 3, 6 and 9 (more than salmon!). Mangalitsa is originally from this region, and up until 30 years ago, nearly went extinct when there were only 400 left in the entire world. 

Although we find it hard to turn our pigs into food, we find peace in knowing they have lived the happiest life possible.

€15 -  €22.50 / kg


From our pasture-fed birds

free-range Chicken

Our chickens move to different locations on our property so they can live as freely and naturally as possible. 

We sell fresh wings, legs and thighs for you to bbq in our outdoor kitchen (available for guests during. the week)

€5 / kg


Rainbow eggs from our heirloom chickens

organic eggs

Daily fresh eggs from Spickle, Speckle, Freckle, Oprah, Blondie, Whitney, Barbara, Branka, Amadeus and Olivia-Newton Rammstein!

€0.15 per egg