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Do you like the idea of getting your hands dirty in the garden while learning about organic farming and how to work with nature harmoniously? Or maybe you already know about permaculture and want some practical experience or can teach us something?



Every year we have minor reparations, renovations, or brand new building projects, so if you have any special skills or a willingenss  to learn, we need you. 


Theatre Arts

Our cultural  NGO, Balkan Producing House, runs seasonal projects. For more information,  see our website

Balkan Producing House

We couldn't have achieved the incredible amount of work we have accomplished without the help and support of amazing people who have come to the rescue when we most needed it.

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts these selfless souls who have dedicated hours of hard work, sweat, tears and more to see our project come to life.


You will be forever part of the Balkan Retreat family and therefore hold a special place in the hall of fame!


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